Virendra Sehwag appreciates MP Kavitha’s initiative


Telangana state Nizamabad TRS MP Kavitha has started a new campaign, “Sisters for Change”, to make every sister gift a helmet to her respective brother on the occasion of Rakhi festival.

Anguished by the many number of 2-wheeler accidents, she would like to make a serious effort to save some lives.

However, many celebrities and politicians were appreciating her good initiative.

Now the Cricketer Virendra sehwad appreciated MP Kavitha for her new Sister for Change Campaign. He said that Good initiative. Driving helmetless & overspeeding is passport to grave. Please don’t be in a hurry. Be safe & gift your loved ones a helmet.

Actor Rahul dev also appreciated MP Kavitha Initiative. “Excellent initiative taken by @RaoKavitha .. Road safety is essential.. save a life, join in the initiative”


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